HELUZ AKU Kompakt Brick

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Thermal comfort is followed by acoustic comfort. In addition to thermal comfort, acoustic comfort has become the mantra of manufacturers and users, i.e. the need to be quiet at home, to keep out noise from neighbours or from outside noise pollution. That is why HELUZ has focused in recent years on increasing the comfort of living not only in terms of thermal insulation properties, but also in the field of acoustics. 
The breakthrough product was HELUZ AKU KOMPAKT 21 ground, which is an unrivalled brick for inter-apartment partitions. It is only 21 cm long, but in terms of sound insulation properties it achieves the qualities of the classic "30".
HELUZ has again combined a brick shard with the material that best improves the required parameter - mineral wool. Thanks to the unique construction of the brick block for internal masonry - two shapes connected by mineral wool - the equivalent of the behaviour of a double construction is thus achieved with HELUZ AKU KOMPAKT 21 BROUSHED brick. In addition to excellent sound insulation (air tightness Rw=57 dB), the transmission of construction noise is significantly reduced. The thermal insulation properties of the wall are also significantly improved, with a 45% better thermal conductivity coefficient and heat transfer coefficient significantly reducing heat leakage from the heated apartment to colder rooms.
Video - AKU Kompa

Year of market release: 2017

Green technology: YES

Innovation: NO


Green technology

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