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The complete system is complemented by the new HELUZ SIDI mortar, a factory-prepared liquid mortar, to which nothing is added on site and which is applied with a roller as when painting walls. No water, electricity or expensive tools are needed on site. HELUZ SIDI mortar reflects the decline in labour and the trend to simplify and significantly speed up construction.

It's a huge simplification, where you don't have to think about what ratio to mix the bulk mix with water. There's no need for an expensive application roller, which someone then has to wash, take care of the tools... The masonry has comparable mechanical, thermal, acoustic and static properties to those of cementitious thin-set mortar. The special HELUZ SIDI thin joint system mortar for internal and external load-bearing walls was developed for the construction of low-energy and passive houses made of HELUZ ground bricks. 
With HELUZ SIDI mortar, bricklaying is as easy as painting, you simply paint the bricks with a roller and brick up. 

Year of market release: 2019

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


Green technology

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