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HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 load-bearing lintel with integrated but removable thermal insulation is designed for single-layer HELUZ FAMILY thermal insulation brickwork with the best performance on the market. And it has several benefits. These are better thermal insulation properties (an advantage in winter), the lintel meets fire standards and of course adheres to the uniform modular system of the rough construction of HELUZ cut bricks. Its internal space with insulator is very variable for the placement of external blinds and shutters - or, thirdly, it can remain factory-filled with insulator. Thus, a single type of load-bearing lintel can be applied to the house without the builder having to make up his mind in advance whether he wants to install screening or not. The HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 load-bearing lintel is fully concealed under the plaster, is adapted for electric operation and can be installed for taller windows up to 2.5 m, i.e. even for balcony doors.

"The HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 load-bearing lintel is delivered to the building fully equipped with an insulator, no one has to do anything with it, it can be fitted, walled up and you get the load-bearing capacity and thermal insulation properties as if the builder had used classic 23.8 load-bearing lintels. However, at any time he can decide to install a shading system and this lintel allows him to do so thanks to the possibility of gradually pulling out the individual pieces of the insulator, thus gradually giving the builder space for a blind, a small roller blind or even a large box for a roller blind. Thus, at each stage, the maximum amount of insulator for the given solution remains in the translation," explains Filip Bosák, HELUZ Technical Consulting Manager, the benefits of the innovation.

The HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 load-bearing lintel is an important element for contemporary low-energy or passive buildings, as it allows for a free and additional choice of shading systems from different manufacturers. In summer, the shading prevents overheating of interiors, in winter, on the contrary, heat leaks outside, which of course has a significant impact on the energy performance of buildings. This is also why outdoor shading was included in the New Green Savings subsidy programme.

Year of market release: 2020

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


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