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The construction of the ceiling or roof made of durable HELUZ solid ceramic concrete panels and/or HELUZ Miako ceilings has a high user standard. The advantages of these systems include durability, advantageous static loading of the building, increased heat accumulation and improved sound insulation (Rw > 48 dB). 
Better airtightness is also achieved for energy passive houses. The quality of performance is high, as the construction does not need foils on the interior side or mineral wool in the grid. The roof or ceiling therefore has a number of advantages for low-energy buildings.
Advantages of a panel ceiling/roof: 

  • Quick installation
  • Low need for concrete for completion
  • Immediate load-bearing capacity
  • Ideal substrate for plastering
  • Clear span up to 7.0 m.
  • Can also be used for pitched roofs
  • High variability

HELUZ ceramic ceiling panels are placed on the masonry using a crane directly from the transport means, they do not need to be supported during installation or concreted and there is no technological break required to achieve sufficient load-bearing capacity of the ceiling. They are immediately load-bearing, which allows the subsequent construction work to be carried out immediately and reduces the construction time of the building. They have a safe composition and are therefore a guarantee of healthy and high-quality housing.

Another indisputable advantage of a heavy ceiling is that you get a fully functional upper floor. And if you plan to build just a bungalow, you get plenty of full storage space in the form of a fully walkable loft, plus the option to add a storey at any time. The lightweight ceiling construction will never allow you to do that.

Year of market release: 2002

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


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