HELUZ Complementary Clay Blocks

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Complementary bricks usually address structural details such as corners, lining and parapets. These special fittings make up to 10% of the total volume of the envelope, and this is certainly not a small amount. At the same time, they reduce the laboriousness of masonry construction, make building faster, better quality, without thermal bridges and save - time, energy and thus budget. The additional bricks are no more expensive than the basic ones.

The use of supplementary bricks in the design of the project and their use in the implementation has a major impact on the quality and speed of construction. The construction company eliminates the cutting of blocks as much as possible and thanks to the supplementary bricks the rough construction has a perfect bond and perfectly resolved thermal bridges.

There is no doubt about the advantages of building with complementary bricks. The HELUZ modular system with complementary bricks is easy, fast, high-quality and cheap to design and build. Gone are the days when a house was built from what "the house gave". Gone are the days of building with full bricks of one size that were adjusted for corners with a mason's hammer. Today's era is characterised by building from the complete HELUZ modular system - bricks are produced in different widths and lengths, and in each width the HELUZ perimeter brick has its own complementary, sophisticated bricks for dealing with construction details such as corners, lining or parapets. This significantly reduces the laboriousness of the masonry work, builds faster, better quality without thermal bridges and moreover at the same price, as price comparisons prove. The standardised modular height of 250 (249 mm + mortar) simplifies the design process.

"K and K half" - marked in the name of the letters K and K ½
- Effectively finishes the lining - windows, doors. 

"EN" - marked with a capital letter N
- Used when we need to work with the height - to align the height of a window with a kitchen, for example, or to adjust the height due to wiring or suspended ceilings. 

Cornice - marked R
- A corner brick that effectively starts and finishes a corner - which is important for maintaining the masonry dressing, which is essential for structural and thermal engineering.

Year of market release: 2009

Green technology: NO

Innovation: NO


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