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Thermal comfort is followed by acoustic comfort. In addition to thermal comfort, acoustic comfort has become the mantra of manufacturers and users, i.e. the need to be quiet at home, to keep out noise from neighbours or from outside noise pollution. That is why HELUZ has focused in recent years on increasing the comfort of living not only in terms of thermal insulation properties, but also in the field of acoustics. 

HELUZ AKU Z 17.5 brick acoustic block is designed for load-bearing and non-load-bearing masonry with a requirement for greater sound insulation. At first glance, the masonry block impresses with its specific shape, reminiscent of the letter "Z", which could not be missing in the product name. Thanks to its robustness and unique geometry, HELUZ AKU Z 17.5 ground (375 × 175 × 249 mm) has a compressive strength of 20 MPa and when bricked up with HELUZ SB C thin-film mortar, the masonry block achieves a characteristic compressive strength of fk = 6.8 MPa (fk = 2.5 MPa when using PU foam). 

The good strength of the masonry allows the design of internal load-bearing walls in particular without problems. The masonry also has a very good thermal accumulation, which has a positive effect on the internal thermal stability, which is particularly appreciated in passive and low-energy buildings.

AKU brick blocks are used to separate individual flats in apartment buildings, accommodation facilities, machine rooms and in family houses, for example, to separate bedrooms from noisy areas.

The masonry is also suitable in office buildings between offices or in apartment buildings for walling plumbing and elevator shafts, for partitions in bungalows and for other constructions requiring a higher requirement for sound insulation. In addition, the masonry can be used as a double-layer construction in acoustic partition walls of terraced houses and semi-detached houses.

Year of market release: 2018

Green technology: YES

Innovation: NO


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