HELUZ SMART - Chimney set

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The HELUZ SMART chimney is designed for those who want to build a modern, efficient house. The new product is the ideal combination of economic efficiency, space saving, simple installation and universal use. At the same time, it is compatible with modern house technologies such as heat recovery.

The new HELUZ SMART chimney set can be said to be the smallest ceramic chimney on the market with dimensions of 32 × 32 cm (compared to the traditional 40 × 40 cm). Thanks to the factory-insulated isostatic liner, the chimney installation is as easy as possible and the HELUZ SMART chimney is suitable for the vast majority of common appliances with natural flue gas extraction. It can handle solid, gaseous and liquid fuels, dry and wet operation. 
"The smart customer who is building an efficient house, the HELUZ SMART chimney is the perfect solution for them because it is cost, space, installation and versatile," 
Video - 3D HELUZ Chimneys

Year of market release: 2022

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


Green technology

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