Complete competition rules Inspireli Awards 2016

The organiser of the “Inspireli Awards 2016” competition (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”) is INSPIRELI s.r.o., registered address: Láb 455, PSČ: 900 67, Slovak Republic, reg. no. 46238158, registered in the commercial register maintained by Bratislava I District Court, Section Sro, Entry no.: 73950/B (hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser”). In order to actively present the Competition the Organiser operates a social network at the URL address: in various language versions (hereinafter referred to as the “Social Network”). The Competition is a “game” according to the terms of Section 2881 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code.

  • Only students of architecture or interior design, including graduates, up to the age of 35 (inclusive) can take part in the Competition and be actively involved in it.
  • Contestants must register on the Social Network as a Student, Architect or Designer and give their date of birth in their user profile.
  • Contestants can store/place on the Social Network and thus duly publish any amount of photos of their actual work, visualisations or designs and the 3 best photos, visualisations or designs of their own choosing will be nominated for the Competition and will be displayed on their user profile and voted on during the competition. Voting will also be possible in the list of all photos
  • A contestant logs into the Competition in the following way:
  • The user logs into his/her profile on the Social Network. If he/she is not yet registered, the contestant firstly needs to register as a user of the Social Network.
  • After logging into his/her profile on the Social Network the user logs into the Competition section by clicking on “Log In” in the Competition Banner on the main page of the Competition and all related sub-pages of the Social Network.
  • The Contestant also agrees to the Complete Competition Rules.
  • Voting for individual contestants is done in the following way:
  • Only registered users of the Social Network can vote.
  • Before giving competition votes to contestants you first of all have to log into your profile on the Social Network.
  • Each person voting can award 3 competition votes to 3 chosen photos.
  • A person voting can award 3 competition votes each individual calendar week (beginning on Monday 00:00:00 – ending on Sunday 23:59:59) and will be notified by email at the address he/she gave when registering.
  • A maximum of 50 contestants, whose photos, actual work, visualisations or designs received the greatest number of votes, will go through to the final, as follows:
  • 35 finalists in the voting by professionals (voters who are registered on the Social Network as architects or designers) with the greatest number of votes. Competition judges have the right to jointly nominate a maximum further 10 finalists as wild cards.
  • 5 finalists in the public voting (voters who are registered on the Social Network as the public, companies or students) with the greatest number of votes.
  • Competitors with allocated maximal points by the jury for all their competition photos, implementations, visualizations and projects shall become winners of the competition announced by the expert jury. Each juror shall allocate 1 vote to any amount of photos registered in the competition that moved to the final round.
  • Competition winners in the public voting are the contestants with the overall greatest number of votes for all their competition photographs, work, visualisations or designs.
  • Prize winners from among the voters will be drawn by the Competition Organiser using an automatic system and randomly.
  • Contestants agree that the Competition partners will become their friends on the Social Network for the duration of the Competition and therefore can directly communicate with them by email via the Social Network. After the Competition ends, the Competition partners will be automatically transferred to the contestant’s other friends where the contestant can delete them and thus end any further possible communication.

Duration of the Competition

from 1 May 2016 until 21 December 2016 23:59:59.

Competition time schedule

  • 1.5.2016 – start of the Competition – you can log into the Competition
  • 1.7.2016 – start of voting – you can vote for individual contestants
  • 30.11.2016 – end of voting and selection of finalists
  • 1.12.2016 – announcement of the finalists
  • 20.12.2016 – end of voting in the final
  • 21.12.2016 – announcement of the winners

Taking part and voting in the Competition

The competition will be held on the Organiser’s website in its various language versions and on the Social Network’s profile on Facebook.

Only natural persons can participate in the Competition. The Organiser, the Organiser’s employees, entities collaborating with the Organiser and persons close to it are banned from participating in the Competition.

A user who, during the term of the Competition, stores/places at least 1 and a maximum of 3 photos in the competition category on the Social Network and fills in the mandatory information on the Social Network and whose profile has been duly approved by the Organiser will become a contestant. The profile will usually be approved by the Organiser within two (2) workings days. If there are any irregularities it will contact the user and if the irregularities are removed, the profile will usually be approved within two (2) workings days.

The user must have copyright in order to store any photo, work, visualisation or design on the Social Network. The user is responsible for any, including any unintentional, violation of any (ownership, copyright, personality, etc.) third party rights. The user declares that he/she is not violating any third party rights by storing/placing a photo, visualisation, design on the Social Network. The user declares that he/she has full and unrestricted copyright to the photo, visualisation, design as a copyright / artistic work and its individual elements and parts and that he/she is entitled to dispose of this work without restriction and to provide a licence to it. The user will be responsible for any and all damage that the Organiser incurs due to the user’s declaration according to this paragraph being shown to be incorrect or incomplete and undertakes to settle any claims by any other authors, creators and other third parties and to pay all damages and related costs that the Organiser has incurred due to this declaration by the user being untrue.

A user will become a voter when he/she logs on to the Social Network during the Competition and then awards a vote to individual competition photos, visualisations or designs.

Registration, logging in to the competition and voting are only possible and valid during the term of the Competition. Each voter can give a vote to their 3 chosen competition photos, visualisations or designs. In one week (Monday 00:00:00 – Sunday 23:59:59) a voter can give a vote to each individual competition photo, visualisation or proposal only once. Voting by one voter from several IP addresses or Facebook profiles, voters registering under a similar or the same address, name or email will be considered a breach of rules, the voter will be banned from the Competition and the illegitimate votes will be deducted.

Determining the order

Until the end of the Competition it will be possible to vote for all the competition photos, visualisations or proposals and the final ranking will be determined on the closing date of the Competition.


Prizes will be published on the Competition website on the commencement date of the Competition.

Winners will be notified by 21 December 2016 at the latest, in an e-mail sent to the address that the contestants gave when registering. After the end of the Competition the list of winners will be posted on the Social Network, other portals and on the Organiser’s Facebook profile.

Prizes will be given to winners at a gala award ceremony 13.2. 2017 in Prague.

Personal data protection

By registering with the Competition each user of the Portal expressly agrees to the Competition rules and gives his/her express consent to the Organiser:

  • to publish their personal data (name, surname and town) on the list of winners,
  • to use the personal data given on registration and the photos, visualisations or designs entered into the Competition for the presentation and marketing purposes of the Organiser and collaborating entities. By publishing photos the contestant confirms that he/she is entitled to publish them and is responsible for not breaching third party rights and not contravening legislation or good practice,
  • to use the e-mail address and other electronic contact details provided for the purposes of sending commercial messages – newsletters and direct mails in accordance with Section 7 of Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on certain information company services.

Consent is granted for an indefinite period. The user acknowledges that under Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection, the user is providing his/her personal data voluntarily. The user may withdraw his/her consent free of charge at any time at the Organiser’s address.

Other arrangements

The Organiser is not liable for the non-delivery, late or incorrect delivery of confirmation, notification of winning a prize, and prizes, sent by e-mail, post or in another way.

Under Section 2881 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, Competition prizes cannot be enforced by legal means and nor can alternative performance in cash be demanded. Prizes that are not collected will be forfeited to the Organiser.

The Organiser reserves the right to alter and amend the Competition rules, including the right to terminate the Competition at any time. In disputed cases the Organiser reserves the right to make a final decision. Images and descriptions of prizes are for illustrative purposes only.

The Organiser has the right to disqualify any contestant or voter who is in breach of third party rights and/or the Competition rules or who is reasonably suspected of such activity, or who has won or tried to win a prize through deception, an act contrary to good practice or action that could harm the Organiser’s good name and reputation or cause the Organiser damage, without compensation for the costs or damages caused by such disqualification.