HELUZ Family 2in1 Clay Blocks

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HELUZ Family 2in1 is considered the "warmest" European grinded hollow clay block. It has integrated thermal insulation, which further improves the already excellent thermal insulation properties of HELUZ Family bricks, while retaining excellent diffusion openness compared to external contact insulation and is thus predestined for the construction of buildings with the highest demands, especially for the construction of passive houses. In terms of thermal engineering, HELUZ bricks thus meet - and will meet - the current requirements of the tightening standards. The technical parameters of these bricks have not been surpassed to date. 

The HELUZ FAMILY 2in1 cut grinded hollow clay blocks filled with polystyrene beads using a patented method have the best thermal insulation properties on the market compared to other single-layer masonry materials. The HELUZ FAMILY 2in1 brickwork achieves a heat transfer coefficient of U = 0.11 W/m2K. At the same time, however, they excel in excellent thermal accumulation and thermal inertia for the best possible energy balance of the resulting buildings.

Video – Clay Blocks HELUZ (CZ):

Year of market release: 2011

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


Green technology

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