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Become a member of the world's biggest jury in architecture history. Help us to support students. There are 437 jurors from 78 countries. The voting will take place over the Internet max to four times a year. You will not travel, you will help.

Certified juror
Semifinal juror
Sannah Ejaz

I have been leading the urban design studio at the Department of Architecture at COMSATS University Islamabad since 2014. The studio involves critical study, analysis and re-development of a local urban area in the light of urban design theories and urban models.

As part of this studio, we have been able to document, study, anaylse parts of Islamabad in terms of linkages, access, visual quality, urban morphology, social fabric, cultural context, ebvironmental scenarios, land use distribution, grid planning parameters and infrastructure. In coming years we are hoping to document all of Islamabad for archiving and record.

I have currently part of a research project to document and study the occurrence of informal businesses in street life in light of Islamabad. Though my attachment to the architecture design of buildings 

Certified juror
Semifinal juror
Lucía Martín López

Coordinator of "Habitat: Housing and City (HaVyC)" research line at Anahuac Mexico University. I am Proffessor and Researcher and study both theory of incremental housing and its real application as a tool for production of denser and more sustainable cities.


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