How much is the entry fee paid?
Can I upload one project to two categories?
Can a group compete?
Can I compete even if I am a graduated architect?
How many projects can I submit?
Can I submit older projects?
How can I join the jury?
How can I get involved in Boards of advisors?


Does the location of a building - in relation to the plot of land - have to remain as given...
The blue rectangles mean a pool, so are pools required in the building zone as well?
The buildings should have 3-4 floors – is parking included in this amount or +1 floor is added for parking?
Can we work on more than one zone?
I worked on multiple zones, should I submit them in one document or is it better to make...
Should landscape and treescape be also considered in the competition?
Should villas have private gardens or fences that are landscaped?
Are there public spaces – gardens or parks?
What are the criteria for the competition?
Who are the target customers?
How deep must the participants go through detail?
What is the level of importance of the interior of the buildings required?
What are the Technology consultants for?
Do I have to use the products of the companies here represented by Tech Consultants?
Why do the villas have to be elevated?
Should the project be LEAD oriented/ eco-friendly, are there any certifications to consider?
Does the beach have to be private?
Can the infrastructure given on the map be modified (marina area)?
Can private boats / public enter the marina?
What kind of building material should be used?
Do we have to follow the master plan’s layout or we can adjust it?
Do we have to use the exact number of plots as indicated or we can adjust? I would like to ask you if you know if there is any relation in separating plots of land in Croatia...
I heard on the livestream that if I choose zones 1,2 or 5, I should design a design with...
How are the prefabricated/ preassembled parts connected to each other? And what exactly...
Is there a given strategy for the use of objects? (central-individual management)...
We'd like to clarify the specifications of the prefabricated villas mentioned in the brief...
Is parking necessary to be located within the contour of the building on the first ground floor?
Should a hotel pool have an ocean view?
In general, should the pool of the hotel be in the building, or as it was in the given plan, the water park...
Should only the hotel rooms have an ocean view or do all the designated areas have to have the view?
In the text of the brief, while talking about the commercial center, it mentioned only 2 floors...
If it is written in the height restriction, 11.5 meters is generally the distance from the zero...
As we got, the first floor is supposed to have cafes and shops...
What is the seismic activity density of this region?
What is the geology of the area? I was curious about whether rammed earth walls can be a good pre-fabricated option? I wanted to ask if the villas can also have the slanted red roofs? Does the square meter... In the documents Masterplan rev08 updated version, Competition conditions, First draft ... Part of the isohypsis on the plot for the hotel are missing. Should we make an assumption ... We didn't see a complete boundry for hotel plot on the north-western side. Can you help us with that? Are we allowed to build water channels from the Adriatic Sea towards the site inland? Should the proposed division be adhered to in the plans? Are we allowed to dig below the main street level? Is it completely out of question to design zone 08 (camping zone)? It is mentioned that... There is one function mentioned in the competition conditions document - in the commercial centre part... And is it acceptable if it is part of the commercial centre building but... Is the management of accommodation area (mentioned as part of the commercial centre)... Is mentioned in the competition conditions that : "3 bedrooms (up to 120sqm)... How does that go with Maximum Site Coverage Ratio (SCR) which is 0.3 :1 in case ... Should we consider the same setbacks and regulations when choosing the location ...

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