How much is the entry fee paid?
Can I upload one project to two categories?
Can a group compete?
Can I compete even if I am a graduate architect?
How many projects can I submit?
Can I submit older projects?
How can I join the jury?
How can I get involved in Boards of advisors?

Beirut Port Competition

Silo solution - as I have read in some articles, the silo cannot be renewed...
Does the silo building need to be remediated or could it have potential in another use?
The land use that we have been given...
How much can the shape of the coastline change?
Is there any pressure? Due to diversity of culture?
Are there any reclycled materials?
What are the materials used in the context? What are the local materials?
How different culture interact?
There is almost 6 entrances, please show the main entrance from the city
Is there any specific material, or is there a freedom in material?
As mentioned briefly, the previous planning was very functional.
As what had happened with the blast, should we design...
What are the main problems while redesigning the port?
What enviromental factors should we keep in mind while designing?

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