Sixth year of the competition

The winners were Agnieszka Chudy, Jędrzej Słomiński from Poland (Architecture category), Maha Aziz from Egypt (Urbanism category) and Alena Kokueva, Silviya Al Ubed from the Russian Federation (Interior category).

We designed STU CAMPUS in Bratislava

Slovak Technical University in Bratislava together with INSPIRELI AWARDS announced an architectural competition for the design of the revitalization of the university campus courtyard.

More than 180 projects from almost 30 countries have entered the competition. And the winner was. Jana Jakubičková from Slovakia.

We organized the second INSPIRELI LEGO® WORKSHOP

At the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, we organized another INSPIRELI LEGO® WORKSHOP. Individual groups of 3 students spent a whole month building their own architectural designs from LEGO bricks.

A virtual faculty of architecture has been launched

We have invited innovators and architects from all over the world to take on the role of teachers and share their experiences and innovations from the world of architecture with generations of students through our platform.

IAESTE and INSPIRELI AWARDS partnership has been concluded.

IAESTE and INSPIRELI AWARDS have entered into an agreement to work together to support students around the world.

The BEIRUT PORT COMPETITION has been launched.

INSPIRELI offered to take part in the reconstruction of the explosion-destroyed port of Beirut, and our help was accepted.


The Tibetan Dalai Lama has blessed our competition

Our competition has received a blessing from His Holiness the Tibetan Dalai Lama a friend of our founder president Václav Havel.

Foto: Karel Cudlín

The Vatican nominated a representative of the INSPIRELI AWARDS jury

The Vatican City State has officially nominated a jury representing the Holy See in the INSPIREL JURY.

Mario Botta (Switzerland) and Santiago Calatrava (Spain).

BME in Budapest becomes a member of the Board of Directors

The largest technical university of the Hungary joins the Board of Directors of the INSPIRELI AWARDS competition.

We become a partner

Union of Mediterranean Architects becomes a partner of INSPIRELI AWARDS.

We designed Amphitheater
in Burkina Faso

We organize an idea competition for the design of the reconstruction of the amphitheater in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. Students from all continents take part in the competition.

The winners were Martinez Cristian Fernando, Ariel Fernando Mendez from Argentina.

We are becoming a partner of the African Union of Architects

The African Union of Architects and the INSPIRELI AWARDS sign a memorandum of mutual cooperation for international support of young students of African architecture.

The fifth year of the competition

142 countries took part in the competition.

The winners are students Mariam Jacob, Nada Khalaf (United Arab Emirates), MD Tanvirul Hakim, Junaied Saif Rumman, Payel SenGupta, Shohanur Rahman Shojib, Jorzina Farah, Punam Das (Bangladesh) and Jani Toçi (Albania)


Organized the first

LEGO® provides us with 116,000 cubes from the LEGO® Architecture studio collection to organize a workshop during the ceremony. 200 students from almost 30 countries celebrate the city together.

Created the largest
jury in the world

With the help of the Democracy 21 mathematician voting system by Karel Janeček, we created a unique three-round INSPIRELI competition voting system.

The largest jury in the history of architecture and a fair system of evaluation of student projects were established.

1000 projects exceeded

For the first time, the competition exceeds 1,000 projects and confirms the status of the largest student competition on the planet.

We become an AIA partner

INSPIRELI AWARDS becomes the official partner of the American Institute of Architects for connecting the young generation with this world's most prestigious architectural association.

STU in Bratislava becomes a member of the Board of Directors

The largest technical university of the Slovak Republic joins the Board of Directors of the INSPIRELI AWARDS competition.

We designed the Czech Embassy in Ethiopia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic asks us to organize an idea competition for the proposal of the Czech Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

More than 280 projects from all continents entered the competition and the winners were Kristína Boháčová and Jana Hájková from Slovakia.

CTU in Prague becomes a member of the board of directors

The largest technical university in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest universities in the world with more than 300 years of civil engineering history has joined the INSPIRELI AWARDS board.

The fourth year
of the competition

For the first time, the competition is only open to students. 3 categories are introduced. Interior, urbanism and architecture.

The winners are students of Tharusha Randula (Sri Lanka), Maria Abi Raad (Lebanon), Yankai Miao (China)


It competes with 100+ countries

INSPIRELI AWARDS involves more than 100 countries and becomes the largest architectural competition on the planet.

The third year of the competition

The competition has two categories: vision and realization. Complete projects are newly registered.

The winners are Francesca Vittorini, Andrea Tabocchini from Italy.


The second year
of competition

Competing students and young architects under the age of 35 can upload only three pictures of the same project.

The winner is the Italian young architect Giacomo Garciano.


A cup is created

The first prize is an engraving of the name of the winners on the last work of prof. Bořek Šípek. Similar to the "Stanley Cup" for students of architecture around the world.

The first year of the competition

The first year starts on May 1. Competing students and young architects under the age of 35 can upload only 3 pictures of any project.

Historically, the first winner is the Czech student Jakub Hofman.