Winners ceremony announcement Inspireli Awards 2023

photo 09/26/2023

Winners ceremony announcement Inspireli Awards 2023

Winners ceremony announcement Inspireli Awards 2023

Inspireli Awards 2023: Celebrating Excellence of Students in Architecture and Design Worldwide


The Inspireli Awards, the largest student competition in the field of architecture, has once again set the stage for global talent to shine. The 8th edition of this prestigious competition announced its winners! The 2023 Inspireli Awards attracted a staggering 1,069 participants from 85 countries who submitted a remarkable 1,031 projects. This extraordinary level of participation underscores the global appeal and importance of this competition in shaping the future of architecture, urban design, and interior design.


Interior Design Excellence

In the category of Interior Design, the Inspireli Awards 2023 received 140 projects from students representing 27 countries. Among these impressive submissions, Adela Moss from Poland's Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk emerged as the winner. See the project here.


Architectural Magnificence

In the Architecture category, a total of 767 projects were submitted by students from 82 countries. The winner of the Inspireli Awards 2023 in this category was Jorge Vintimilla from Arquitectura y Urbanismo at the Universidad Central del Ecuador, Ecuador. See the project here.


Urban Design Visionaries

The Urban Design category received 169 students from 49 countries, who collectively presented 124 projects. The winner of the 8th Inspireli Awards in the Urban Design category is a team from India - Saanchi Rajpoot, Shivam Takulia, and Anya Ghosh, all studying at the Sushant School of Art and Architecture in Gurgaon. See the project here.



Archicad Prize: Fostering Technological Excellence

In recognition of the pivotal role that technology plays in architecture and design, the Archicad Prize is an integral part of the Inspireli Awards. It offers students who have utilized Archicad software in their projects a chance to compete for a full Archicad license. This year, the competition received a staggering 342 projects from students representing 60 countries.


Clemens Jopp from Technische Universität Braunschweig in Germany emerged as the winner of the Archicad Prize with his project "Klangwerk Berlin." Clemens' project was chosen for outstanding use of Archicad software “…and presenting modeling quality showing how thorough the modeling was,” states Szabi Miko, the Education Program Manager at Graphisoft, producer of Archicad. See the project here.


Acknowledging the outstanding contributions of other participants, the Archicad Prize also awarded Honorary Mentions. Tomáš Gaál from Czech Republic, a student at CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering, received the top Honorary Mention for his project "Senior House Braník."

The second Honorary Mention went to a team of four students from the same institution - Tereza Martinovská, Alžběta Marsová, Valentýna Kalčíková, and Martin Dvořák - for their project "Multifunctional complex Praha, Lužiny."

The third Honorary Mention was presented to Tomáš Vácha, also from Czech Republic's CTU in Prague Faculty of Civil Engineering, for his project "Experience & Sports Center.


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