Naturaleza y Artificio en equilibrio- Mirador /museo- Zamora-Ecuador

Jorge Vintimilla
Universidad Central del Ecuador / Arquitectura y Urbanismo

Project idea

The architectural composition is projected towards the recovery and repotentialization of one of the most emblematic sites of the Zamora-Ecuador canton, since said intervention makes the most of the landscape quality, opting for the creation of an architectural object of a hierarchical and iconic nature, sensitized and adapted to the topographic conditions of its immediate natural environment. The transformation of the landscape will be the basic concept in the development of the proposal; this being an artificial element of its nature, expressed through certain formal compositions, which will allow the integration and uniqueness between the natural environment and the architectural environment, consolidating a balance between both entities.

Project description

The generating idea is based on the creation of spaces for contemplation and diffusion, deeply rooted in the essence of their environment, transmitting serenity and calm, through sensory experiences, so that the proposal combines sober architectural elements, articulated directly to the framing and exaltation of the landscape. The aforementioned criteria manage to form a circuit of viewpoints whose main characteristic is its monumental character expressed through pure and imposing geometric volumes, since the curved line predominates, the subtlety and sobriety of the concrete, without losing that sensation of lightness and mysticity of each space.

Technical information

The Gad Zamora, states that its approach is oriented towards the development of an optimal production system for the Zamora canton, with strategies focused on all the axes, which allow promoting tourism, developing innovative and technical production systems to give added value to the products, coordinate the articulation of entrepreneurs and promote the construction and adaptation of infrastructure with a business vision, making good use of natural resources, being inclusive and taking advantage of cultural richness, strengthening the value chain.
Due to the above, indisputably the development and execution of a tourism project in the "El Tejar" sector turns out to be essential and at the same time achievable, since this is within the strategic objectives of the canton.
Finally, it is opportune to state that its budget exceeds three million dollars, since $2,902,482.28 correspond to the total direct costs, while $241,873.52 are part of the indirect costs, giving a total sum of $3,144. 355.80, it should be noted that this referential budget was developed according to the real values of the Zamora canton, and it includes everything from earthworks to carpentry and electrical, plumbing and exterior works, that is, it encompasses the entire project.

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