Klangwerk Berlin

Clemens Jopp
Technische Universität Braunschweig

Project idea

A concept for a forum building for the Berlin techno scene was to be developed on a wasteland directly between the Warschauer Brücke and the Berghain, which is very present in terms of urban planning.

The cubature takes up a dynamic from the „underground“ and makes the scene impressively present in the urban space. The Klangwerk (sound factory) opens up to the Warschauer Brücke and
functions via a drawbridge as a new direct connection between the tram and Berghain itself.

Project description

The interiors are formed by different canyons, all of which are connected to one another to form a large spatial structure. Tilted walls create a distinctive feeling of space and, with their rough texture, take up the character of the techno scene.

Various exhibitions bring visitors closer to techno music on other sensory levels and ultimately lead them to the large concert hall. The massive concrete structures symbolise the unnatural, almost extraterrestrial sounds of techno music. White polished levels subdivide the massive volume, making the canyons usable on a human scale.

Technical information

The alien approaches known from this genre of music are also visible in the facade – as the Klangwerk emerges from the underground, the dynamic creates a trail of fire that highlights the front of the building - like a comet entering the atmosphere. A metal mesh inlay makes the facade shimmer differently throughout the day, symbolising the diversity of Berlin's techno scene.

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