Urbanistický design a krajinářství

Hangang[Walkway]-ro 77-gil

Ohhoon Kwon
Kyonggi University
Jižní Korea

Idea projektu

When the Yongsan National Park is completed, Namyoung-dong is the intersection of the park and the city.

Unlike the existing urban system, it has a planned form of grid type.

Nam-yong-dong is a residential area for second-class residential buildings similar to those in the neighboring areas, but the street along the Han-dang street is a commercial area.

Nam-yong-dong belongs to the Yongsan District Unit Plan Area, and among them Namyong-dong Business District Special Plan Area.

According to the basic plan of Yongsan Park, the entrance from Namyong-dong to Yongsan Park is located near the south of Namyong-dong.

There are 3 passages connected with Cheongpa-dong, and the two areas are disconnected due to the Gyeongbu line.

Namyoung-dong, which has been used for existing facilities or business facilities, has the potential to become a tourism destination in the future due to the development of Yongsan National Park. Therefore, it will enhance cultural facilities and local economy to introduce the history and characteristics of Nam Young- To establish a commercial facility that would enable the promotion of Namyong - dong.

Popis projektu

Add a passage to the inside of Nam-yong-dong by creating a new horizontal axis on the existing vertical road so as to inflate the thick block.

As well as access from Sookmyung Woman's University Entrance station and bus stops, it draws people's movement from the south to the park.

It makes a walkway that goes directly to the planned exit of Yongsan Park, and commercial facilities and cultural facilities are located in the lower part to activate Namyoung-dong, and the work and residence for the existing building are arranged at the upper part.

Technické informace

The existing business facilities were put on the shop to meet the demand of the business.

Business facilities On the third floor, there is a deck leading to a rooftop garden where employees can relax.

This office, rather than a large area, is used as a shared office.

Namyoung - dong became a tourist attraction due to the national park, forming a shopping street where foreign people can see and live.

Shops are located on the lower floors of the building and vary in size and are also available in underground sunken gardens. You can experience various spaces through the deck connecting the shops from underground to the third floor.

With the new road in Namyoung-dong block, the dismantling of existing residential facilities became inevitable.

In order to meet the demand of the residential facilities, one-room apartment houses can be built on the low-rise arcade where small-sized household members can reside, and arcades and gardens can be accessed through decks and vertical lines.

The most frequently mentioned survey in Namyoungdong residents was that there was a shortage of public baths in Namyong-dong.

In the underground space that can enter the sunken, residents' welfare facilities such as public baths and teaching rooms can be used for both outside and nearby residents.

Namyoung-dong is an area where history has remained intact since the Japanese colonial period.

Utilizing existing residential houses, it is used as a museum or gallery to introduce the history and unique characteristics of Namyong-dong, giving tourists a lot to see.

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