Urbanistický design a krajinářství

Sook Myung Culture street (sook li dan gil)

eunjae jeong
Kyonggi University
Jižní Korea

Idea projektu

Site - Seoul, Yongsangu, Chungpadong 45,47gil

Yongsangu, Chungpa load 45,47
A way to stay indispensable to go to SookMyung university.
Along the way, there are many old buildings and buildings without business facilities.
Remove buildings attached to the inner alleyways and Set up the cultural facilities recommended in the district unit plan.
The cultural facilities are formed by Sookmyung women college students, and they form the new Sookmyung Women's college culture street made by Sookmyung college students.
We plan development of Sookmyung Women's College university market dying by this cultural facility.

Popis projektu

Mass formed along the way.
To eliminate the massiveness of Mass Press partial.
Cascade setback for sight in alley.

Cascade the mass for the view of the alley.
in order to make harmony with the surroundings, make buildings less than 3 stories.

Program Zoning
Concert hall where large spaces are needed are placed underground.
Place exhibition hall and commeabovercial space on the first floor .
Place a backup workspace on the third floor.

This building moves inside and out and has the effect of experiencing the entire building.

Technické informace

As shown in the plan drawing, a curtain wall is used on the alley side.
There should be minimal windows in the exhibition space.

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