oasis tower

yazeed khalid
King Saud University, College of Architecture and Planning, Riyadh
Saúdská Arábie

Project idea

Oasis Tower is a residential and commercial tower at the bottom, inspired by the idea of ​​the oases that arise in the deserts and it consists of a place to collect water and trees for planting and palm trees to produce fruit

Project description

The tower consists of 99 floors consisting of 450 single rooms, 210 two bedroom apartments, 20 sky villas and 14 penthouse. After every 15 floors there is a service floor for air conditioning, hotel service and health club. At the top of the tower is the so-called sky garden. A two-storey open-plan lounge with a restaurant and an outdoor balcony giving you a panoramic view of Riyadh and a tourist attraction.

At the bottom of the tower there is a shopping area consisting of two floors with 40 shops of different sizes and a courtyard in the middle like a courtyard

The complex also has a large gymnasium for women and men with private swimming pools for each section.

Outside the complex there is a place called Plaza

It is an area on the main street (King Fahd Road) consisting of restaurants and cafeterias with outdoor sessions that allow the owner of the project to invest in them

Technical information

The tower system consists of a large beam in the middle with the planting of columns at the ends of the tower to assist the load, while in the shopping center consists of a network layout and a column per 9.6 meters

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