Interior Design

LightRe chair

Aysha Daghstani
Al-yamamah University

Project idea

LightRe Chair is an idea for the future of chairs in the coming years , it's all about mixing light with furniture , or re-modeling the light ti be attached with furniture's design , with its smoothness and simplicity.

Project description

Furniture design is an important part in interior design , it is the most used part in the space because it helps users to determined if the space is ergonomically well studied or not .The feature of furniture is that the ability to be developed in different way , shape , style and function . LightRe Chair is one of the developed ideas of how chair will be look in the future and how light and technology will be part of the designs .

Technical information

LightRe Chair as technical details is considered as a Relaxation chair because of its dimensions . The design concept is that presenting how designs will be smoother in lines and more functional in the same time .Blue (or any color) Electroluminescent (EL) Tape Strip light is used in the design fixed by suitable glue and all cables are hidden in side the chair by making tight hollow holes allow cable to be occurred. MDF wood in used and painted in wight . the seat cushion is fixed in the chair by making a hole suited with the size of cushion and fixed it inside the hole . smooth leather is used to cover the cushion .the design chair is well-studied ergonomically because This huge dimensions and shape with smoothness give the chair more relaxation for the user .
Dimensions :( Height :1510 mm, Width : 740 mm , length :830 mm.

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