Rendezvous of Innovation

Bara'ah Ramadan
Jordan University of Science and Technology
Jordánské království

Project idea

The 'Rendezvous of Innovation' allows innovators to mingle, dream, create and invent, in a highly-designed, state-of-the-art work environment which inspires innovators to create comfortably.
When we say someone is creative, we say they tend to think “outside-of-the-box.” And yet, this metaphor tends to be a clichéd restriction as well; there shouldn’t be a “box” to start with. We shouldn’t think of only the box as a base, since it is a further limitation on its own. The base could be a sphere, a cone, or maybe even a prism. The intent of this philosophy is to state that creativity has no rules and has no base either.
The glory of imagination and creativity is in bringing something new and surreal to this realistic, monotonous life we claim to ‘live’ in. To live means to develop. To live means to improve and to grow, advance, and change the place we live in to the better. Innovators need a space where they feel free of restrictions, a refreshing space where they are flexible to work in the way that suits them most. Hence, in order to design a space for innovators to create, the philosophy behind this design must be inventive on its own.

Project description

During invention, the brain gets off its beaten path and creates a new path. This essential ‘lightbulb’ is translated into a ‘sudden state of chaos of the mind’.
Therefore, this innovation center is a vibrant world of ‘organized chaos’. These contradictory terms together represent an informal, complex process that appears chaotic, but depicts enough organization to exhibit final inventions to the community.
The project is therefore designed to take any community member from owning a simple, creative idea, through the phases of brainstorming, designing, exhibiting, creating, examining and testing in a comfortable and inspiring environment, to exhibit the end-products in the exhibition tower to the community as a whole.
The Rendezvous of Innovation is based on meeting points where innovators have the chance to communicate and share ideas, thoughts, and opinions, improving innovating quality and standards within this design community.
Combining the many elements used to identify this project, the rendezvous of innovation acts a network, as would the human brain, connecting at many different points and seeming very sophisticatedly chaotic, yet is organized by the smallest of elements to give an exemplary state-of-the-art project.

Technical information

The steel structure that is added to the project not only acts as a structural element holding the exhibit tower, but also as an aesthetic factor, as well as a psychological factor.
A recent study proved that whatever pace a human's surroundings or environment are at, one's psychological state is unintentionally affected, tending to work at its same pace. Since innovation and production should be a dynamic process, the innovator must live in a state of dynamic movement, encouraging him/her to to stay in increasing productivity and movement towards success of the end-product.
To establish this philosophy, the steel structure moves along numerous paths from exterior, continuing to interior and vice versa, that all lead to the exhibition tower, symbolizing the 'organized chaos' the human brain goes through as it goes through the phases of invention, all along acting as a source of shading as though to act as 'chaotic' louvers, blocking direct sunlight while allowing natural daylight to spread equally along the project.
The chaotic pathways are based on the tectonic movement of the site surrounding the project, so as to increase its high quality of integration. The chaotic angles of the building are also designed in order to allow for continuous cross-ventilation that will allow innovators to work in a comfortable state throughout.
Studies state that in order for one to design and go through the pressure that comes along with inventing, the innovator must be in a calming environment. And so the building was designed in a sense to allow for a long span of visuality; innovators can take a calming and relaxing view of the site's exterior at nearly any point in the project.


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