Interiérový design

Restaurant in Úštěk

Lucie Chrastilová, Alice Šindelářová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The aim of this project was to design interior of cafeteria/restaurant in an object of former presbytery in the town Úštěk which is located approximately 17km north-east from Litoměřice. This presbytery is a listed building and is situated near late baroque church of St.Peter and Paul on the main square.
This object is used for various cultural activities nowadays and there is also a consecrated chapel.
The concept of whole design is related to omnipresent religious theme and follows the baroque style which is appearing not only at the presbytery but also at the near church.

Popis projektu

The bar is situated in the basement where is chapel with extraordinary structured vault. This room is connected to a kitchen which is linked to summer garden at a yard through bar desk. There are bar seating in niches and bar desks near the main bar. On the left side from the main entrance is restaurant part and a lounge which is possible to reserve for private companies.
There is a new wheelchair access to the object from yard. In the nearby historical outbuilding is new conference room and public toilets.

Technické informace

The new furniture from wood is macerated to dark brown colour. The chairs are completed with light cushioning and benches with dark blue. This dark blue appears also on paintings of niches. Everything is completed with gold accents at simple lights, bar desk and baptismal font.
There are used old statues in niches and other pieces of artwork such as fresco and artistic metal lattice from contemporary artists to create specific atmosphere of the space.


Ing. arch. Petra Lenz
Ing. arch. Helena Míková, Ph.D.
Ing. arch. Anna Marie Černá

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