Red embassy

Carlos Alejandro Soto Cárdenas
UNAM, Facultad de Arquitectura, Mexico City

Idea projektu

The concept of the embassy is to make every space to get surrounding by nature that’s why I chose this red color characteristic from the “church of st. George” as inspiration the culture, the color, the brutalism, the straight lines in the composition and also took the white color that is used by users that contrast width all the surroundings,

Popis projektu

i propose a set of structure of concrete wall mix with red sand and made about of 75x15cm every 75 cm that will be used as louvers to protect from the sun of “the land of 13 months of sunshine” this will be used as a structure with a brutalist concrete wall texture with the real red color of Ethiopia giving interesting red reflections in the white inner spaces, main areas are delimitating the spaces by a local stone walls to make the sense you are inside the natural, orientation, shapes and louvers will get a better energy proficiently for the representative space I want to contrast this big red wall by adding a curtain wall that allows you to appreciate the front and back gardens at the same time so the users don’t feel like their working, they are enjoying nature and the sun.

Technické informace

to the presentation images, I also add the master plans only architecture floors 3 main floors, in general, to see how it's working and a detail one by one plan of every single building, the complex every drawing contains north and the representation of how space is created

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