Embassy of Czech Republic

Rawan Ahmed Mohamed Gamal Sadek
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

The idea originally inspired from the buildings built around Obecni Dvur, a historical courtyard in the center of Prague. The building took its form from the edges of the plot, creating a central courtyard to adapt the idea. Originally, all building were to overlook this courtyard, but reflecting to the program, security requirements and privacy, some building had to be detached. The main building and the visa were kept connected. The central courtyard was then designed to act as an outdoor space, overlooked by the representative lounges, assembly hall and the offices. However, it is mainly for the staff to use.
The design style chosen is minimalist style. That is to create a silky buildings that contain all the functions without having a bulky form, and to look appealing and represent the country.

Popis projektu

The site was designed to provide each building with its won garden. Each section is divided with the use of trees to reduce visual connection and to create a semi-barrier that gives off the impression you shouldn't pass it.
Visa building is connected to main building to provide easier access to the staff from the main building to the visa and vice versa. It is also connected to give the locals the feeling they are entering the Embassy without actually entering it. The visa however has its own entrance so that the people don't go inside the embassy. It is separated with a fence. The connection of the visa also emphasized on the linearity of the embassy (main) building (starting from the visa to the end of the representative part).
The embassy building is placed where it is to overlook the street at the south (so that people can see it) and also to have the offices tower visible from the street at the east of the plot.
The villa is at the north east part of the plot to have its own garden (private) at the corner, not overlooked by anything. And to also provide easy access for the ambassador the representative part of the embassy.
The staff residence is at the north west part to be close to the local workforce (which is included in the site but separated by a street exclusive to the site) and share a garden with a pool, tennis court and a playground.

Technické informace

Minimalism is shown in the openings, recessed big curtain walls, cantilevered roofs. this is also to adapt to the rainy climate of Ethiopia: to keep the windows dry and clean. Vertical louvers are used to reduce visual connection at areas desired, and they also provide an aesthetic quality to the elevations.
Concrete structure is used as it as the most used material in Ethiopia. The structure is skeleton and concrete is feasible as the spans are not wide.
Greenery is the main element in the project, distrusted greatly in the site. You can also see it in the courtyards in the villa and the main building.

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