Embassy of the Czech Republic

Mahinour magdi mohamed helal
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

The project's initial idea was to treat the top view of the plot as a facade equally important to the facade of the building itself; due to its importance as the location is quite approximate to the airport. Moreover by connecting the surrounding nodes and seeing the main axis that affect the plot from the surrounding; I was both inspired by the axis and the kormeriz garden top view as an organizational inspiration, to divide the plot into four main parts and a central area. The main central area acted as a collector of circulation and the axis were acted as buffer zones between the buildings. Furthermore the axis where also used in the formation of the buildings' forms and sometimes acted as buffer zones inside the building; Example: Residential buildings.

Popis projektu

Initially I began by analyzing the connectivity and integration of street network surrounding the site using syntax studies as a method of analysis, to determine which is the best position for internal streets inside the plot and would it be beneficial or not. In conclusion I created to internal streets one in the south and another through the plot connecting the south and the north streets surrounding the site. The site is organized in a way that every part can work on its own the public is separated from the residential by buffer zones; the residential is located on the north part of the site and the chancellery and the visa buildings are located in the south.
Every building has a form and is surrounded by wooden louvers defining it’s orientation and where it should be integrated towards; The chancellery is oriented towards the main embassy garden, The visa building is oriented toward the public “internal street which is the main access to the visa for the public crowd and acts as a drop off to the visa building “, The residence of the ambassador is oriented towards its private garden and the residential of people working inside the chancellery is oriented towards the inside of the plot. Moreover the residential building was located close to the chancellery and the visa building is connected to the chancellery with an internal passage for workers to easily access the main building from the visa. The street passing through the plot connecting the south and the north acts as the main access point, drop of and parking entrance for the chancellery building, also it is the main access to the ambassador, drop off for the ambassador’s visitors and access to the ambassador’s visitors parking; also the workers residence has parking near it.

Technické informace

Building Material: bricks
Materials used in elevation: concrete paint, wooden panels,
Black aluminum for doors and windows frames.
Grey aluminum panels for some parts of the roof.


Prof. : Thomas Loeffler
Teacher assistant: Hana Hossam

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