Czech Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Yasmin Khaled Hegazy
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

The main idea for the project is the functional separation between functions using greenary and fences made of stone, but it also needs to fulfill comfort for the user's of the spaces.

Popis projektu

The site is mainly separated into 2 parts, the residential functions on one side and the official functions on the other side. The whole connected by a main axis which is a promenade that branches into all of the areas. Each separate building has its own garden. The masses are all horizontal and vertical on each other to make us feel the compactness of the buildings next to each other although they are separated and so shading elements are also placed in the same direction of the masses. The road at the west of the site is a private road to the users not to the public with security guard house at all entrances.

Technické informace

The buildings have concrete structure, with brick walls and paint finishing. The embassy building is 3 floors. The basement with functions like storage and air conditioning rooms. while the ground floor has the representative functions with curtain wall to overlook the garden and the first floor contains the offices with horizontal windows that provide privacy and view. The use of slits in some areas is to provide extra privacy for some areas. The visa building and Embassy staff residence have elevations with horizontal windows with the embassy staff residence having terraces for the apartments.

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