Among Cubism to village Czech Republic Embassy in Ethiopia

Abeer Shawah

Project idea

The project combines Czech culture with Ethiopian culture.
The embassy compound drew its inspiration from the Czech Cubism, which is characterized by the dismantling and assembling of the sharp geometric shapes and the Ethiopian construction technique, which is characterized by uniquely constructed villages.

Project description

The embassy complex is built in the form of a square that itself is built of squared models that create a certain density that resembles the spirit of the village with a central courtyard like the nucleus of the village where the events take place.
The complex is divided into four main sections: the Embassy, the Ambassador's Residence, the residence of the staff, the structure of the Consulate and the issuance of a visa.
It is built two levels high so that it blends in with its surroundings, it has a central courtyard but each wing has small patios with vegetation that creates an internal view of the various wings.
The roofs of the complex are built incline under the influence of Czech Cubism, which is characterized by sharp shapes that simultaneously resemble the roofs of Ethiopian huts so that a view from above resembles the creation of Czech Cubism.

Technical information

There are three entrances to the Embassy website
An eastern entrance, an official entrance intended for Ambassador Residence and the registered offices.
The northern entrance serves the consulate
Another entrance connects the northern part with the south and on the western side, there is a tennis court.



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