The Czech Republic Embassy In Adis Ababa

Sherif Mahmoud Hejazy
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

the idea of the project is to separate each function into a separate mass however a central open area creates a connection between the 4 masses. the form was a result of locating the functions and office sections according to the program requirments. the residence part is the most private section of the complex. located on the corner of the plot for more privacy and has its own outdoor area and enterance. the visa department is the closest to the main entrance of the complex. the residential building for the staff is located on the eastern part of the plot and aslo it has its own garden and recreational areas.

Popis projektu

Official embassy building:-

the building is divided into two zones. the right side from the main entrance is the zones for the offices. the left side from the main entrance is the zone for the representative spaces. Section b and d are located on the ground floor while sections A and C are located on the first floor to create separtion for those two sections specifically.

Visa/Consular Department:-

the visa building is located within the embassy buildind. it is connected from the inside of the building however its separated from the outside for security. staff can access the visa building from inside the embassy.


the residence villa is the most private building. it has its own open area and car entrance. on the ground floor the represintative spaces are connected to the living and dining room. the second floor is private and has all the bedrooms and an office.

Residential staff building:-

located on the backside of the plot for privacy. the building has its own open area, pool, and garden.

Technické informace

The material used for the building is a combination of both rammed earth and concrete. the reason I used rammed earth for the building is because of the high clay content found in the soil of Ethiopia. another reasons involves the environment and natural thermal insulation rammed earth structures are capable of. concrete is used for the walls with big openings. the reason concrete is used is because rammed earth wont be able to support large openings.

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