Project Square

Jose Javier Ruiz Cabello, Matias Javier Perez Criado, Facundo Vazquez
Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Tucumán

Idea projektu

Idea &
The concept of the project focuses on
the very characteristic dry squares
located in the Czech Republic. We
seek to take this public space into the
insides of the embassy building,
adjusting it to the architectural project
and its functions, altogether to
create an athmosphere which resembles
the experience of this characteristic
We find ourselves with a rotated volume
in the center of the plot, located
as a landmark of the sector, in a very
austere way. It preserves its hierarchy
in the project set, in which is accompanied
by a volume that stands on
the ground with the same rotation
angle as the main volume, serving
this one and even inviting to take a
glance towards it.

Popis projektu

Functional Program

We found us with 2 volume separated
by a street requested in the program,
the main volume is conformed by a
square elevated with a dry square inside,
it also have 3 perforation in the
corners working as vertical circulation.
It develop in two levels, the
ground floor has the consular and
administrative activities and the
representative spaces of the embassy
at the perimeter of the square, at the
first floor we found the offices A and
B of the embassy and the residencial
buildings for the staff and the ambassador,
the volume find itself between
2 green areas destined to the recreative
activities such as tennis, swimming,
a tukul, etc. With the access at
the building we wanted to recreate
the feeling of walking by the streets
of Prague and arrive to the main square.
The second volume is a line with
the same angle of rotation as the
embassy, so these can stablish a communication,
in this volume are located
the local workforce and its respective

Technické informace

The technique to be use is a dry system, based on normalized profiles IPE which will optimize
times of construction and reduce error at the execution. The main structure of the embassy’s bulding
was resolve with vierendeel beams which apart from playing the structural role, it highlight
the internal perimetral circulation on the first floor, these beams rest on big concrete columns.
Both the roof and the exterior walls of the square were made with stones, alluding the urban landscapes
from Czech Republic’s cities. In the other hand, the exterior walls of the embassy use a
Wooden curtain wall exposed to the fire (shou sugi ban technique) which gives much more durability
and a remarkable esthetic quality, using this skin we try to resemble the dorze houses proper
from the ethiopian culture.


With the architects: Patricia Rodriguez Anido, Augusto Montes de Oca, Miguel Mansueto

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