Embassy of the Czech Republic Addis Abeba / Ethiopia

Paloma Tavares da Cruz
centro universitário do sul de minas

Idea projektu

With congeners meanings for both countries,
The Czech Republic and Ethiopia, the mountains are
influence of religions, exhibiting
monasteries, as a sacred place.
To be considered a mountain, there must be
meeting of two tectonic plates, for their formation,
what analogically we could associate the connection of
two countries for the construction of the embassy.
Located at the borders or in the centers of the countries, their
shapes make up a landscape with climate, fauna and floras
divergent, but allows familiarization of the relief.
The mountain seen from above is considered the center of
the world as viewed from below as the axis of the world, as
the embassies are the center and axis of information,
cultural, political and economic representation in the
territory of the other nation.
The analogy of the mountains with the embassies is
understand the structure of the hierarchy to gain access to
authority, as well as the designation of land use.
After such comparisons, the concept is defined as the

Popis projektu

According to the concept, the project was developed aiming sustainability, and for that one of the main materials used is wood, which also contributes to the thermal comfort in the building.

Technické informace

The project was developed following the presented needs program.

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