The Embodiment of Art

Roaa Hesham Shoeib
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

The embassy of the Czech serves as a ‘business card’, representing their culture to the citizens of Ethiopia. Therefore, communication is the key asepct.

Upon further studying, a rooted appreciation of Art is present in both cultures and was thus chosen as the mean of communication between both countries.

The history of the Czech, told through a series of paintings, would be translated into the elevations of the buildings through designed perforated metal sheets surrounding the representative buildings (the official embassy and the ambassador’s residence) and the visa building.

The perforations hints towards the nature of the embassy as a secure building, yet offers a friendly semi-transparent elevation with a story to its viewers.

Popis projektu

The complex was designed as seperate building that are linking together through the site plan. The local workforce's residence was designed on the western boundary along with a parking for the embassy staff who are working in the Visa/Consular building. On the other side of the street that was built right after these function, the official embassy building and the visa/consular building are located to facilitate their entrance (since the main entrance to the plot is from the south). The visa is seperated from the rest of the complex by a fence and a layer of trees.
On the eastern side of the plot, the residence of the ambassador and the staff are located with a central tennis court that acts as a barrier between the official section and residential section of the plot.

The Local workforce is designed with a setback entrance that is overlooked by a corner window in the kitchen. The kitchen and bathroom are located on the side of the entrance while the bedroom and living room overlook a private garden at the back. The laundry room is seperated from the living quarters but connected by the same roof, providing a shading area that can be used to park the residents bikes.

The visa/consular building has two seperate entrances for the staff and visitors. The visitors' experience is limited to a small garden and the waiting area. However, to keep an amiable atmosphere, a courtayard with trees is situated behind the staff's desks who are receving the applicants, right before the private area starts.

The Official embassy Building has the representative area in the ground floor with the lounges open plan and the dining and assembly hall having a curtain wall open directly to the garden. The lounges are open with extra light from the skylights from a courtyard above them. The office section is located on the first and second floor with a big courtayrd in the middle providing light and ventillation. There are plants located in the courtayrd which has seating areas and can be accessed from the first floor only.

The Staff residence is seperated into three different building. The biggest building offers the combination of a 4+1 appartemnt or a 2+1 appartment that can be merged with a middle courier appartment. The other two buildings contain an appartment per floor, giivng them a sense of privacy and maximum view to the swimming pool.

The Ambassador's villa consists of two sqaures that intersect at the entrance. One square is the public area and the other is the private part of the house. Through the private area. a second level is accessed which contains the living, office, and bedroom. there is a representative garden and a private garden in the villa.

Technické informace

The building material for the project is concrete masonary with perofrated metal sheets. The span of the building is short and thus natural lighting is always present in every room, as well as natural ventilation.
The site plan is made of a semi-hard scape surrouding the plot with carpets of greenry defining the areas. Trees are used alongisde the fences to create privacy to the distinct areas without compromising the atmoshpere of the area.

The elevation of the project leans into the artistc side of both theCzech and Ethiopian culture. It is about re-painting the Czech's identity through the elevation using perforated metal sheets that from afar creates a whole picture. A sample of such a design is provided and its strong impact on the elevations can be shown. However, a more personal out take on the project might be better conveyed through a local artist.

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