Cubism Hut

Narjes Mahameed

Idea projektu

The project inspiration come from the “Hut”- a traditional Ethiopian houses, mixed with Czech cubism. focusing on light and air as the main center of the complex in various scales.
Huts are built by a special technique, their construction is from bamboo twigs, also the interior facades are made out from the same material. It’s a rounded shape building, with a high center making place for the basic function for living – fire.
The huts top is covered with “hat” from bamboo connecting all of its net. After -knitting - the first facade the light and rain are still able to entre it. Therefore, it has a second skin made from coconut leaf’s and straws. Besides having a special shape for the houses entrance.
In my design, I planned the area to have a center, rounded by the main function (the buildings). Which each one of them has his own inner center, at the centers I decided to plan the most important function from my perspective for living – light and air.
referring to the cubism the main buildings are made from concrete, long, massive with narrow transitions, but as an addition having the light on their centers, and with knitted facades and roads.

Popis projektu

The project consist of 7 individual buildings with diffirent hights, surrounding a common center. which provides a private part and a common part for each one, a connection between them and some specifications that repeats themselves in the projects. - such as patios, double skin, pergolas, water pools, gardens, and more. By using the light and air as a design material.
also The fence, roads and all the landscape planning is based on the same concept.

Technické informace

The basic material used in the project is concreat, for the inner and the double skins. as a refer for cobism.

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