centro universitário do sul de minas

Idea projektu

A building that transmits the characteristics of a population, the history of a nation, the tastes and customs of those who in another corner of the world, continue to represent their origins and who intends to tell visitors more about their homeland

This is the role of an embassy, ​​an architectural object that must fulfill its political and commercial functions, making a sort of "bridge" between the country of origin, the Czech Republic, and the one that receives it, Ethiopia.

Popis projektu

The volumetry of the building starts from two volumes, the main one defined by the perimeter of the terrain and the secondary being a parallelepiped form, aligned the street to the east, creating a monumental building as a large solid placed in the middle of the flat terrain.

Already in the main volumetry, was sought to bring to the building a certain privacy, achieved by the use of an external skin, with slight distance to the building block.

Technické informace

Blue print; Polite; Facades; Volumetry

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