Czech Republic Embassy

Mariam Ahmed Farouk
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

This project was designed by taking inspiration from observing the Czech Republic scenery and skyline, and transforming an abstracted way of looking at it into architecture and landscape. The main characteristics taken from the Prague skyline were the flat linear lines which represent the organizing structure of the city through normal buildings, streets and pathways, while sharp edged zig zag lines represent the peaks of typical landmarks of Prague like old churches and act as a guide through the repetitive fabric of the city. Translating these characteristics into a design concept, forms the structure and organization of the embassy complex. Entrances determine the start of the paths which guide through the organizational structure of the design with the peaks used like a landmark by reaching important central spaces inside the buildings and also creating interior details, and lighting features for each building. Walls and linear partitions organize and divide the embassy complex into zones, enclosed spaces as buildings or outdoor spaces for different functions.

Popis projektu

Starting with the organizational aspect of the embassy complex, walls and fences that separate and organize different zones of the site creating five different buildings fulfilling the different required functions of the embassy complex, the five being: the visa and consular building, the official embassy building, residential complex for embassy staff, residential building for the ambassador and the local workforce residence. Keeping in consideration the preferable locations of the public entry part of the visa and consular area being at the south, and the local workforce at the west with a wall separating at from the rest of the complex. Each building has its own outdoor area serving the buildings needs separated from the other buildings, with one central representative garden located in the middle.
Through the landscape the paths with their peaks being inside the buildings act as unique colored passageways that define entrances and lead to central spaces and entrance halls of its respective building and connect different zones where it’s possible.
The visa and consular building can be entered from the main public entrance located in the south where the public go through security check then to the outdoor spaces and waiting areas for the public separated from the complex by walls with a path leading to the building entrance.
The official embassy building is the largest building in terms of height and floor area, has a car drop off in front of its gates with the flag poles of the Czech Republic from the east side with an entrance to the main parking lot located beside it a private employee garden is located in the south in front of the official embassy building with an entrance for the embassy staff the connects that leads to a space that connects between the official embassy building and the visa and consular building, therefor staff can enter move through both buildings as if it was one.
The ambassador residence is located in the north with its own car entrance for the ambassador that leads to his private garage and small parking space for the visitors. A private garden is only accessible for the residency part of the building while a representative garden is located on the east side of the plot with and entrance to the representative part of the building.
The residential building for the embassy staff is located on the west side of the plot with the wall of the local workforce area being on the left side of the building. Recreational spaces surround the residential building with a tennis court, tukuls and a swimming pool. The residential building and the local work force area can both be entered from the north.

Technické informace

For lighting features a double heighted roof with the height difference used to create a skylight of indirect lighting with the main purpose of it being achieving the maximum lighting with minimum overheating inside each building specifically in the central spaces that are located right under the crack of the double heighted roof and these opening also improve the environmental conditions as it creates a better microclimate within the building.
In the official embassy building the lighting is maximized for the central space/Entrance hall as the windows for the skylight is one story height as the third floor of the building is only half the floor area of the other two floors.
The structure for the buildings is a typical beam and column structure, materials used in the building were white concrete and vertical wooden panels the act as shading elements for the facades and windows of the buildings.


Thomas Loeffler (professor), Hana Hossam (Teaching assistant)

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