The Czech Embassy in Adis Ababa,Ethiopisa

Aliaa Essam
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

The Embassy is a small replica of the history of the Czech Republic starting from the golden roman empire era. There were 3 Regions ; Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia which were located on the area of land now known as the Czech Republic. The three tribes or territories had different cultures due to the different context they were set to live in. Those three tribes are represented in the Czech Republic flag we know today based on their old soldier arms and their armors clothes. The Site we have for the embassy was divided as by the flag forces and reflect the history of the Czech Republic lands back in the Roman Empire age.

Popis projektu

Having the three masses each representing the different tribe/territory that once united created the Czech Republic they each reflect the part of the Flag which represents the individual tribe that is represented by this color/part of the flag. The first and main building ; The main Embassy Building is represented by the largest and most powerful territory of the three; Bohemia region which was based in the bohemian mountains (represented by the blue part in the flag). Secondly Moravian people lived next to valleys and rivers and their whole life was based on the flow of water, fishing and life depending on the water and it was the first to be recruited for the new republic we have today thus it represents the Ambassador's Residence ( White color in the flag) . Lastly the smallest region of the three was Silesia;represented by the red color in the flag, its land was clear with few spots unseen from far places so people lived in caves and hunted their food and had many coal resources thus represents the residential building.

Technické informace

The materials used for the project is mainly concrete for structure and cladding. Concrete is the most commonly used material in equator countries and high temperature cities as it helps trap the cold breeze of the night and keep it for the sunny hot morning inside the building and eases the ventilation of the atmosphere. Each building has its own identity of concrete cladding based on the reflected region it is inspired by; Bohemia/Main Embassy Building has a rough concrete finish instead of the plaster on the exterior walls, the Ambassador's Residence/Moravia exteriors are made with smooth concrete hollow bricks for easier ventilation and for the Main Residence Building/Silesia its exterior is made of broken concrete bricks in a mortar mixture to express the cave and broken stones textures.

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