Junction of Cultures

Caroline Aparecida de Oliveira Priante
centro universitário do sul de minas

Idea projektu

The concept cames from the popular expression "Feel at home". The research began to understand the customs and habits of the two countries, so that there is harmony and respect between the two cultures.

Popis projektu

Free areas for activities and reading, wooded paths will be created with coverings at different heights to remind the mountains. The coverings have in their shape geometric patterns that are used as an expression of art in the fabrics and paintings of the Ethiopians. In free areas will be used pergolas, which by the use of wood and simple form reminds the house of the Ethiopian people, causing the two cultures to blend into the project.

Technické informace

The work was carried out under the guidance of the teachers.
Research was conducted to understand the culture of the two countries.
Project references were useful for understanding the project.


My name is Caroline, I'm in the period of architecture and urbanism. I did the work individually, under the supervision and help of the teachers.

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