Czech Republic Embassy

Sarah Hesham Abouelsaad
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

As the element of security in this project is very important I wanted to make sure that it was achieved while still maintaining a friendly environment with smooth circulation for the users.

Popis projektu

The complex is split into 5 zones. The first is where the Embassy building is located right in front of the main entrance from the south side of the plot marking it as the dominant mass. The building is split into two zones; the ground floor is mainly for the visitors where the meeting rooms and representative spaces are located to allow easy access without disrupting the daily work life of the staff, and the office zone is located on the first floor to give them more privacy. On the opposite side of the Embassy is the Visa building which is positioned in a way that makes it easily accessed by applicants without having to go through other spaces in the embassies thus making it better for security. Behind the Embassy, the Ambassador's Villa is positioned in a way that allows for maximum privacy for the private spaces of the residence, yet allows the smooth connection of the entrance of high profile guests to the representative spaces between the Embassy building and the residence. On the west side of the plot, the staff housing units are arranged in two rows with variations in their heights reminiscing a neighborhood feeling, they're also stepped back and forth to give privacy for each unit. The local work force is separated from other zones with a side street that connects another street branch in the west north side of the plot to the street on the south edge of the plot, this facilitates the movement around the plot as it was originally blocked with buildings from the western side.

Technické informace

The climate was taken into consideration by using fiber cement facade panels which act as a rain-screen to slide off any water without absorbing it and damaging the structure, it also gives a raw modern look. Wood cladding is used in the facade design of residential masses to give a cozy feeling and atmosphere.

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