Czech embassy in Addis Ababa

Roba Mokhtar Nossair
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

The project idea is about respecting the site boundaries as it has more than one angle forming the site, then by developing the offset of the site boundaries and by taking in consideration the relation between the different functions and the security hierarchy according to the users of each building I started to form the masses, connecting and separating them using the landscape.

Popis projektu

The project is consists of the official embassy building, representative building, visa department, ambassador residence, staff residence, and the local workforce residence.
I started to act with the official embassy building, representative building and visa department as one block externally but still separated internally.
The official building is consisted on three levels entrance and reception area in the ground floor which have its security barrier, meeting area in the first floor, offices in the second floor where each section is separated than the other sections, still they have gathering and rest area in common.
From the other side of the offices floor it is connected with the representative area in the ground floor having a lounge and roof terrace in the intermediate floor (first).
Both building – representative and official- are entered from the area under the elevated second floor which act like a gate which invite people for entering. This area is consisted from the columns carrying the second floor surrounded by plants which reflects the nature of Czech.
Visa department is divided into two floors, ground floor which is the public floor, which consists of the waiting area, and the working space and counters. The waiting area is accessed from a separate door with separate outdoor area from the rest of the site using a wall extended from the site fence, as it is the most public area in the complex. While the working area and the first floor which consists of the offices are accessed from the entrance of the official building.
The ambassador residence is separated from the rest of the complex also by a wall extended from the fence, but still there is a visual connection between the representative part of the ambassador residence and the representative building. The residence is divided into two sections, the public one in the ground floor consists of the ambassador office, guest room and the representative area, white the first floor is the private area consists of the living area which is shifted inside to achieve more privacy, and the bedrooms with common terrace having a view to the private garden of the ambassador.
The staff residence is divided into two buildings each of two floors, each floor is divided into two apartments having its terrace facing the staff residence garden. Bedrooms have its privacy due to the natural barrier of trees isolating them from the rest of the site.
The local workforce residence is separated then the rest of the complex by a road. It is located beside the parking area, consists of two single floor buildings each contains two apartments.
The elevation is integration between wood –which reflects the Czech nature- and stone – which reflects the history and used in cathedrals-.

Technické informace

The project concept and ideas are explained in diagrams to show the final form and its developments, also showing the relation between the different functions. A master plan is provided to show the masses relations and the site map to explain the relation of masses with the surroundings. Plans and sections are provided to show the interior spaces design and solids and voids inside the buildings. Elevations and 3ds are provided to show the facade design and used materials, also to show the atmosphere and the spacial quality.


The proposal is an individual project by: Roba Mokhtar.
Under the guidance of GUC staff:
1. Professor Thomas Loeffler
2. Teacher Assistant Mostafa Atwa

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