A Memory space

Diego Luiz da Silva
centro universitário do sul de minas

Idea projektu

Of collective values, memory is one of the most significant. This highlights I propose the concept of "memory" for the design of studies in countries where knowledge is present and subject to a series of requirements. phrase even if the letters are changed or incomplete; Just enter the words to be part of our memory bank. What about architecture, what would be more memorable to Czechs than the beautiful medieval architecture of the city of Prague? its towers, courts and shrines? The proposal of a collection of icons of "incomplete", "altering", building a space of symbolic aura, of memorable appearance that brings the unconscious of those who contemplate it is a recognition that is not the same as its original materiality, inspiring the feeling of home.

Popis projektu

In addition to the preoccupation of the forms, I also had the idea of ​​air conditioning of the environment, verticalizing and creating a kind of levitation of the buildings, thus liberating more space for vegetation, thus leveling the thermal sensation of the place, which is strange to the Czech workers there leased, there were concern about accessibility and safety.

Technické informace

the plants were made in autocad, obeying the averages and tolerances allowed by the edict of the contest, departures and circulation spaces were also obeyed.


only me and teacher guidance

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