Yarin Zafon

Idea projektu

IMAGINE them walking through the path, which in one side there is a wild and giant rock
and from the other side there are crystals which are neat one by one, and you are as a size of an ant...
from here, my project born.

The main idea of the project is to create a building that will develope from it's own place and also will associate to Ethiopian land, while the inner place will be like a tourist inside.

The design concept of the project is ELIYAHO STONE-
stone which has a rough and wild structure, and is inner side is crystalline with very neat and steady structure, fact which intensifying the contrast between them.

Popis projektu

The contrast reflected also in my project, The interior of the building is built according to a grid that is very neat and rigid with light materials and parts such as metal and glass, giving the space a sense of delicacy and fragility to the nation of the massive and wildness of the shell.
The pamphlet is experienced in the strongest form in the range between the envelope and the interior, where I chose to place the main traffic arteries of the building.
In addition, I chose a system of atrium that would provide air and light to all the interior spaces of the building.

Technické informace

The technical part is located in the underground floor along the parking area under the Embassy.

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