Blend-in Embassy

Ayellet Kalimi

Idea projektu

The Blend-in Czech Embassy of Addis Ababa consists in one main structure taking place in a generous plot with Eucalyptus trees. The whole project creates a campus that is a place of representation for the Czech Republic that blends with
its surroundings – Ethiopia.

It is a formless project because of the camouflage of the permeable skin , dynamic in perception because of light. It creates a modern architecture design that Integrates with its environment.

Popis projektu

The proposal is a pavilion with light steel with facades that filter views, serve as a privacy screen for the daily activities and protect from climatic effects. Structure above is in a single direction - create movement while levels below, penetrations fragment the volume bringing light deep inside the built mass and creates outdoor intimate spaces with nested openings in the landscape.

Upper levels are a daytime pavilion that blends in with the air and light. Those include the Official part where the daytime job takes place and the Ambassador's Residence that enjoys the most beautiful and clear views from the embassy to the area surrounding.

Lower levels spaces are curved through a mass that blend in with the ground – soil and water. Those include the representative spaces of the official part where social events take place and the Resident of the Czech embassy staff where everyday life is happening in a new land.

Technické informace

The pavilion is a metal roof structure that goes all the way through in visual continuity, with long views through a sequence of spaces. Concrete supporting walls and glass enclosure are the other two vertical elements, blurring the idea of interior and exterior.

The composition of the landscape optimize the use of it's area for social events and recreational needs of the embassy staff. The security walls that surround the project are not standing straight and strict to the environment surrounding; they are not only a partition but also functioning as the Consular and visa building that is followed by an open street gallery of the Czech culture and the Building for local workforce.

The roof is draining rain water into a system of pools and canals that define bor entries to the project.

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