Embassy of the Czech Republic

wael shaheen
Al Quds University
Palestinská autonomie

Project idea

The Czech Republic has a wide range of architecture in terms of style. This was the main motive of the design idea to create an attempt by taking some of the characteristics of the traditional architect and then formelating it in a new way using a musical element (my country-ma vlast - which is consider as journey in Czech history) to be able to create these elements in order to create harmony between them

From this point of view, the idea of modern castle rationality appeared, which in its composition contains some characteristics of the traditional architecture symbol, for example the power of vertical lines and the way of introducing light into important spaces through colored glass and changing the shape of the space according to its function.

through this idea the design begins with simple rational forms , which express the simple function that will take place such as the low rhythm of the musical piece , and then the building rises more as the musical piece rises and language of the shpes changes so that it moves from the shape of grid to circular shape to express a reception function to enter the building .
then the building rises more attuned to the rhythem and change the language of the form to move away from the typical official circle and rebelled in the typical form to ba a ceremonial symbol in the embassy .

Project description

The design consists mainly of a group of independent buildings within the walls of the complex, which mainly serve representatives of the Czech Republic in Ethiopia.

Site distribution:
The general distribution of the site is to create a grid of vertical and horizontal lines and then insert the circuit in the site and replicate it so that the center of these circles is the point that will host the embassy building , so that the gride use to create the rational buildings so that there is a unified language for all those buildings and the circular shape will be used to rebel to the line The is used mainly for landscape elements and ceremonial parts in the building
1 - Entrances :
There are three entrances from the surrounding streets leading into the embassy. Each entrance is sunck from the main road to accommodate incoming cars and keep away from traffic jam . Each entry from the inside will have two outlets, both of which will lead to the same gate, the first for cars coming to the complex and the other for departing cars. After passing through checkpoints and gates required.

The main entrance is the entrance located in the south side of the complex after bypassing the first gate of this entrance and bypassing the checkpoints. Visitors can pass to the Visa and Consular buildings so that they can not enter from the street directly to this building in order to increase the safety level. At the same time, visitors can not pass through The comples is due to a second gate that will be a barrier in front of it.
After passing through the second door of the entrance, visitors can pass through the main road, which is directly connect with the embassy building.

Through the second door of the entrance, visitors can pass through the main road, which is directly connected to the embassy building. This path will be highlighted by its symbolic value. It will contain a colored glass platforms to form with the road symbol of the bright colours buildings in the Czech Republic, The most important historical events or great figures in the history of the Czech Republic in the past, present or future will be written on these platform so that visitors will be able to learn about the most important historical events and famous personalities in Czech history.
This axis will also host the festiv trip which will lead to the central building where the celebrations will be held.
This road tilts at an angle of three degrees so that it feels as it enters the rise and dominance of the main building on the complex, and will give the symmetry in the scene, which increases the sense of grandeur of the building and make foca l point on this building.

The second and third entrance
Constitutes the second income, which is located on the east side
It is the entrance leading to the residence of the embassy staff and the parks that surround it as well as the road from this entrance to the apartment of the ambassador.

The last entrance is the entrance to the north corner of the complex, which will be the exit of vehicles when there are large celebrations at the embassy.
Pedestrian entrances
A passageway is available at each of the entrances mentioned above, and a staff entrance is available between the car park on the west side and the main road of the complex.
Embassy Building

Which is the main building in the complex, which is characterized by its style from the rest of the buildings to be as a jem of the complex , to access to this building will pass over the platforms of stone and will be located above a water pool , this direct way will giving a direct focus on the building and exist water let to decreas temperature.

when entering the building will be received visitors within the rotonda The distinctive shape and glass walls and glass ceiling of the income that helps reflect the image of the sky entered the hall. It also gives it the distinction of entering the un diret sun from the glass ceiling that contain of the ancient Prague clock ornament but in new way , so that these elements form a reception hall that gives a sense of magnificence to the visitors .

The building is divided into three parts of the first section which is the section of the offices which is the section that has the rational form to express the function rationality that will take place and consists of a group of sections for each section of the special function and section A - will be located on the top floor of the offices to isolate it.
 The other section, which is bold and rebellious, will represent the ceremonial section including functions (dining room, celebration hall, etc.). The building will have a number of terraces and gardens that will look out on the outside such as a garden of event hall , The celebrations are in when there is a suitable weather as well as a dining room hall and lounge that will give a feeling of openness to the outsideand that by exist open terrace to out side .

event hall Which is an important element in the formation of the building and which somehow forms a modern castle tower. It is inspired by the shape of the shingles roofs in the traditional building and will use the same traditional materials as stone slabs that resemble the fishes crust , It is characterized by the incision that contains so as to ensure the entry of natural light permanently into the hall and give it a special symbol

The last section is the section which contains 3 offices and very security , which will be located on the upper floors of the rotonda .

Consulate building and visa office

This building is located on the south side of the site to be away from the main street of the east and north and near the car park in the west.
The shape of the building is part of the embassy building, a rational part that gives visitors a strict sense.

To enter the building, the visitor must pass through the first main gate and the second will prevent you from entering the complex and then entering the building.
The reason for this is to make visitors cross the checkpoints to increase the level of safety in the building.
Upon arrival at the building visitors will have to visit another checkpoint located inside the building and then access the waiting rooms.


There is a residence on the western side of the site
And its formation is similar to the formation of the simple part of the embassy in order to have a language found between them.

, Contains three main functions, the entrance building, the representation area and the residence of the ambassador. These functions are surrounded by an interior cortyard , space that creates a semi-enclosed space that can provide natural ventilation and lighting to all buildings surrounding it.

The courtyard is surrounded by a representative area, which has a lounge and a dining room that overlooks its own festive area so that it gives a sense of openness to the outside, and the accommodation of the ambassador who has a secondary entrance to this area. And a main entrance from its own garden, there is a third entrance for staff in this building, which is located to the west of it.


Embassy staff residence .

Located in the eastern part of the site and near the entrance to the residence and residence of the ambassador.
The building contains a range of apartments of different sizes of 55,75.95 square meters, which will expand around a long green patio, ensuring ventilation and lighting for all apartments.
The apartments will be 75 and 95 in a two-story house, this will enhance the visual connection with the environment outside the embassy wall.

Shared Garden
The building is characterized by a variety of squares, including the common garden, which is the ideal place to meet the residents of the complex in addition to this garden will provide a private garden for each home to ensure the independence of the population.
It is proposed that there be a parking lot for the population located in the eastern corner of the site , where this corner is flooded with winter water and difficult to use as a landscape element.


Social house
Located in the western side of the site outside the walls of the embassy where it consists of a total of flats and owns each apartment, including the special supervision to carry out the required activities.

Through this design has been taken into account some elements of its sustainability and the availability of comfort for the residents of the complex.
-As all the buildings are provided with the light of the natural sun sufficient light to illuminate all the rooms and this reduces the use of electricity to light .
-The use of water elements that make the weather nice in this hot area.
-The use of interior cortyard in all building , which ensure the introduction of the sunlight and air to all rooms of the building
-The use of green surfaces on the roofs of buildings to protect the surface from exposure to direct sunlight and reduce the temperature of the rooms inside the building.
  Reuse gray water to irrigate the trees inside the compound.
In contrast to building materials in landscaping will use natural materials in the complex to pave roads, gardens and create garden furniture. The local stone was used to represent the Ethiopian state that will host the embassy.
Each building is built on its own gardens or terraces , giving it independence from the rest of the buildings

Technical information

sheet contain
sheet 1 - consept sheet
sheet 2- explain history road idea
sheet 3 -exeplain shingels roof consept
sheet 4- main perspective and site plane
sheet 5- isometric and sustanabel design
sheet 6 - basement floor
sheet 7- ground floor plan
sheet 8- first floor plan
sheet 9- elevations
sheet 10- sections
sheet 11-social house elevation
sheet 12 - perspective entrance building
sheet 13 - perspective children play ground
sheet 14 -perspective residence event yard
sheet 15 -perspective residence prived garden
sheet 16 - perspective residence of embassy staff
sheet 17- perspective of lounge of embassy offic
sheet 18- perspective of lounge of representative part
sheet 19 -perspective of dining room embassy
sheet 20- perspective inner cortyard residence
sheet 21- perspiecrive of color glass platform
sheet 22- rotonda roof

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