Dorya Ruso

Project idea

The Czech Republic is a country surrounded by Western Europeancountries.
It has annexed to it its unique cultures, traditions and art.

The Czechs appear to me to be introverted, but on the inside they are warm and very creative.

In this project I chose to express the Czech culture, and to create an embassy complex that is introverted, secret and mysterious,
which defines and gradually classifies the various functions, while creating a defense mechanism: a moat, trees,
a wall structure in which there are spaces and a traffic system, the spaces for daily use,and fiber optic pipes that create a mysterious and warm atmosphere.

The structures connect, combine and sew together all the functions - from space that is most accessible to the general public,
to the secret and most hidden space.

Project description

In this project I created a protection system for the embassy, which includes: trees, moat, water, fiber optics and a wall structure.
The wall faces the main street (south of the plot), and the more exposed side of the building faces the northern side, which overlooks Mount Entoto.

Technical information

The public and representative functions are held in the brass spaces, such as the Assembly room, the visa, the waiting space, and the living room.
On the other hand, more private and classified spaces such as diplomatic offices, and bedrooms, are held in the wall structure.
The thickness of the wall material is used to apply spaces and different functions such as visa counters, offices and niches for various uses, and for the traffic system.


Tutors: Prof. Arch. Baruch Baruch, Dr .Arch. Dana Margalit
Arch. Ori Ronen

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