The Czech Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Maha Aziz
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

The design approach of the Czech republic's embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia aims to represent the Czech identity through form and architectural language, whilst acknowledging its context and providing the most efficient architectural solution of the required program.

Popis projektu

The proposed design is an interpretation of the needed architectural solution with efficient and sensible zoning of the required functions, climate responsive building to local climate conditions, an exterior combining visual references to the distinctive architectural styles developed only in the Czech republic in the 19th century—Rondo-cubism, Prague Cubism, Czech Cubism, Cubo-Expressionism and the pitched roofs, a dominant architectural element surrounding site and in Addis Ababa as a whole.

Technické informace

The main entrance is placed on the South, both vehicular and pedestrian, in addition to a second entrance and departure on the northeast corner for occasions and events, plus for unloading vehicles, as recommended in the design brief.

The parking for Consular and Visa building’s visitors is located on Southeast corner of the plot, the lowest elevation point, so that incase of flooding during heavy rain seasons, only the parking would be at stake. The pedestrian access to the Consular and Visa building is on the Southeast corner, directly from the parking space.

In terms of zoning, the official building was split in two separate buildings; the offices and the representative parts and the representative building was placed on a higher level, 2 meters above ground, creating a visual separation for the parts of the landscape designated for events taking place in the representative spaces.

The residential buildings are all places to the West, in consideration of traffic, sound and access.

Great consideration have gone into the selection of materiality and landscape; I chose exposed cast-in—situ red-dyed concrete as a nod to the color red, in common with both flags and its hues complement the different reddish soil types found in ethiopia and the monolithic form is a reference to the rock-hewn architectural heritage of Ethiopia.

The landscape and flora choice is based on the best native options available with regards to soil type and climate. I suggested the planting of Tilia Cordata (aka linden / lime trees) as its the Czech National Tree, of course, only if possible.

Structurally, the official embassy buildings and the ambassadors residence are supported on cast-in-situ load-bearing walls, while the two other residential buildings are concrete post and beam structures, elevated above ground, providing a shaded communal space for various activities at ground level.



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