Embassy in Ethiopia

Marián Kolimár
Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava

Idea projektu

The idea of ​​the proposal within the city breakdown is the linear connection of the embassy communication with the possibility of direct entry
output. to improve traffic safety, the territory is divided into 2 main parts (embassy) - (housing for the domestic)
The embassy is further subdivided into a functional division into a work zone and a rest connected with housing (housing dipomati) - (residence) a very important element in designing the complex was its functionality but an accompanying element
of course, there is also aesthetic and energy-balanced approach. Connecting a residential architecture grassy roofs to minimize hard surfaces allow the development of green areas.

This environment is both working and living. just living for incoming ambassadors it should be a permanent housing option, so I have decided to create a block that separates from the communication axis the common connection of the common space presents the community in this area.

Popis projektu

The task was to create an architectural-urbanistic study at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ethiopia is to create a campus based on your specifications. The main essence is the creation of a presenting and functioning premises
linking all functions, both official and private. The aim is to create an embassy whose architecture presents genius loci landscape. The architecture of this assignment reflects the minimalist and rich Czech architecture. brings to
a new concept that is functional and rational. Housing buildings have a home character because the coming consuls are time in the environment. Their working environment must therefore be well combined with family activities and
therefore, the environment must create the most pleasant impression. the heights of the individual buildings divert from their function by retreating the structure of architecture arises. The maximum height of the buildings in the complex is three floors above this only reaches one building is a residential building for local forces.

Technické informace

The design base is based on three basic materials throughout the complex, and wood and glass are the concrete. easy
formality then helps to better read material and technical details. Construction of an official building
is a frame skeleton with a module of 8.4 x4.2m the remaining buildings use the system of masonry walls or composition with panel constructions.
Since the height of the floor does not exceed 3 floors.


Doc.Ing.arch.Milan Andráš, PhD.

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