Maroš Belopotocký
Brno University of Technology

Idea projektu

The trapezoidal parcel is bordered by roads from three sides which have very little traffic and a school bordering west. The parcel was divided by an approach road connected to an intersection on the northern side of the parcel heading south. This division created a small western premise where the accommodation facilities for local employees of the embassy are located as well as a
public sports field for the pupils of the neighbouring school and the public as a sign of goodwill towards the local residents.
On the eastern side of the parcel there are 4 objects with clearly defined functions. Every building is positioned at least 10 metres away from the border as a security measure. The whole parcel is surrounded by a three metres tall concrete wall.

Popis projektu

A fountain located in the centre of the parcel is surrounded by four objects. There is a clear line of sight from the entrance to the central fountain in every single one of these objects. Little streams flowing to the fountain also reinforce the feeling of centralisation. This aims to represent a portal transporting a visitor from eastern Africa to a typical Czech town square. The area of the square is bordered by a stick fence made from timber located on the parcel, it also separates the square from the nearby private gardens. These sticks are randomly assembled into a steel structure. Fencing continues across the perimeter half a metre away from the border of objects and also serves to cast a shadow. Four gardens which were created by dividing the parcel are used for the employees' recreation. In the four gardens there is a pool, tennis court, but also multiple arbours where you can grill.

Technické informace

All objects are designed as brick buildings covered by a concrete daub with an extensive green roof. Steel frames filled up by timber located on the parcel fortified by strand wires are used to cast shadows.
Most of the technical-energetic equipment is located in the basement of the building of the main office of the embassy, from which the technical infrastructure is distributed to other buildings. Each of these buildings has an additional technical room.


Daniel Tasch

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