Church - Mladá Boleslav

Bc. Vojtěch Dědek
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

This diploma thesis of a church at Mladá Boleslav is based on a pre-diploma urban plan, which deals with a void between a Škoda factory and the city Mladá Boleslav. In the urban plan, a new public plaza with a church was proposed. Pedestrians and trams are allowed in, while the rest of traffic is diverted to the perimeter. Thus a calm space surrounded by civic or office buildings arises. In the middle of proposed redevelopment, a catholic church devoted to St.Bernard of Cleirvaux is surrounded by avenues of trees.
Liturgical functions joined with communal life create a complex program to be designed.

Popis projektu

A modern re-interpretation of traditional church design is merged with a new typology of city churches that involve communal functions. After detailed liturgical research, a space where many liturgical happenings can take place is devised. Traditional typology with side chapels and axial symmetry is broken by offsetting the symmetry sideways to create an irregular, but simple shape where height follows function. This gives a spacial gradation from a compressed space by the entrance to a tall space at the nave. A notch in the roof also creates horizontal separation between liturgical and two story communal spaces. A single hallway with gallery connects both worlds, the profane and the sacred, sheltering both of them under the wings of the roof.
The material definition of bricks gives the church an unforgettable feeling of space and security while providing a shelter from the outside world. Intense detailings were done in order to tie all aspects of the spaces together; from bricklaying, patterns, and seamless integration of ventilation elements to noise and light barriers for the street windows. Brick and wood structures provide a vibrant space that brings natural elements into the everyday life. Wooden furniture and wooden roof combined with a brick background offers a subtle color scheme that lets the sunlight take presence and light the space in a wonderful way.
The whole building mass shape is finished off by a walled garden with a fountain. The water element points to the garden of Eden, and besides symbolism, it is used for rainwater retention and its reuse.

Technické informace

Drawings at level of architectural study are included.
Selected technical drawings at detail of contractor tender are included; details, sections, floorplans, ventilation/heating/plumbing diagrams. In addition, selected technical reports and basic static calculations are a part of the project.

The church is designed to be energy-efficient, using renewable energy in form of solar roof panels and air-to-air heat exchangers. Low carbon footprint is enabled by reusing bricks from a nearby demolished building and using wooded elements for roof and furniture. All elements (except reinforced concrete) can be dismantled, allowing circular building life.

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