Bc. Katarína Lukáčová, Bc. Alžbeta Krčmárová
Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava

Idea projektu


The idea of the proposal was to propose a simple but at the same time visually attractive mass in which all the functions of the object will be connected.

Popis projektu


The building design is based on a simple, long linear form that retains its linearity throughout its length. At the beginning we set the main axis, which stretched diagonally across the whole land. Later we curved the mass in two places, creating certain places with a feeling of greater privacy, ideal for connecting the interior with the exterior. In the next process, we broke the mass into four separate objects by functional division. The first building is a consular and visa building, which is located on the site boundary and has direct contact with the street. The mass of the second object is the largest of all and combines up to three functions, the official part, the residence and the ambassador's apartment. The third independent building is the residential building of the Embassy employees. Between these masses, terraces are covered with perforated concrete slabs to maintain a sense of unity and linearity, even though they are three separate objects. All objects have different bright heights. The consular and visa building consists of only one floor, the other two buildings are made up of two above-ground floors. In the third building, the housing object, the second floor is extended seven and a half meters above the first floor, which feels as if the entire second floor is shifted backward and the mass removed over the first object is extended beyond the last object. The last fourth object separates the fence from the south to the north. This property is home to local forces, laundry facilities and a cloakroom.

The buildings are made up of one or two floors above ground.

Object No. 1 Consular and visa object consists only of one floor. The layout of the building is divided into a public part for visitors and an office part with access only for employees.

Object. No.2 has two floors above ground and one underground floor. It combines office, residential, and ambassador's flats on both the first and second floors. On the first floor there are representative spaces such as a assembly hall high over two floors, representative dining rooms, representative lounges, representative kitchens and smaller facilities for employees. On the second floor there is an office part and part of the ambassador's apartment. In addition to the 33 parking spaces on the underground floor. it also has all the technical facilities of the building and warehouses.

Object no. 3 has a residential function. Ten flats are located on two floors. There are two one-room flats, three two-room flats, three three-room flats and two four-room flats.

Object no. 4 has only one floor. It also has a residential function, there are four two-room housing units for local forces. In addition, there is a laundry room and a dressing room for staff.

Technické informace


The building consists of a wall construction system. Reinforced concrete is used for perimeter and load-bearing walls, plasterboard is used for other walls. Ceilings are made of reinforced concrete monolithic slab. The roofing on the terraces between the buildings is made of reinforced concrete slabs of various sizes. Concrete forms a distinctive element of the entire building. The building's facade is made of exposed concrete. However, we can find it in the interior, either in the form of a concrete spatula on the wall or as a ceiling in a social meeting. The lightweight cladding with aluminum frame creates glazing and roofing of the social hall through two floors. However, glazing of this type can also be found in several places in the building. In other places of the building, French windows from floor to ceiling with aluminum frame are used.


Mgr. art. Ing. arch. Peter Mazalán, PhD.

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