Czech Embassy in Addis Ababa

Salma Magdeldin
The German University in Cairo

Idea projektu

First my main target of the design was to create good architecture and fulfill all the space program requirements. Also I wanted to make the whole complex look connected even if the buildings are not physically connected.So, I did this by using some elements and repeating then in the different masses. These elements are the sloped roofs , the window grid and the shading elements which are inspired from a traditional Ethiopian pattern. I also wanted to create good indoor air conditions in the housing part so a courtyard was used in the ambassador's house and a clerestory was used in the staff residence to enhance cross ventilation. The design of the main embassy was first a solid big block to reflect the strength of the Czech and to give a sense of security and privacy and then I did some subtractions to reflect the openness of the Czech.

Popis projektu

The main entrance of the complex is in the South which is open to the public and the employees, where people can come in and either park inside or drop off and leave from the exit in the East. There is a festive (VIP) entrance in the North where they can enter to the representative part of the ambassador's house or to the representative part in the main embassy building.There is also an entrance in the North East which is made to the staff residence.For the Visa department , it has its own separate entrance and parking and it is also separated by walls from the rest of the complex with their own outdoor garden and waiting area. For the main embassy building the ground floor is used for the representative areas and the offices are located in the upper 2 floors. For the ambassador's house , the private part and the representative part are separated by an inner courtyard , the representative part is located close to the main embassy sharing an outdoor garden between them.For the Staff residence it is located in the North Eastern part of the plot to make it somehow distant from the main building and to have their own recreational facilities and garden , Also on the ground floor I did an indoor common gathering area. Since the plot is located in a residential area where most of the buildings are only 2 storey high , I did all the buildings one or two floors except for the main embassy I did it 3 floor to standout. As I also did the main embassy building and the ambassador's house on a higher level than the rest of the complex.For the elevations I used a grid which made 3 variations of openings so the windows may appear random but originally they follow a grid. I also made the window frames extruded.

Technické informace

The building material used is Concrete shear walls the choice was made based on the local availability a labors skills, thus an inner insulation is needed. I also used wood for the window frames and shading elements which is available in Ethiopia. Shading for the skylights is required as the sun during summer there is almost perpendicular.I also did a basement to place all the technical support facilities in it.


Individual classwork
Under supervision of Proff. Thomas Loeffler and Teacher assistant MSC.Mina Ishac

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