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Elad Mor

Idea projektu

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ethiopia

In the past, the embassy usual constituted as a business card for her country within the host country

In our age, while western countries are developed and in contrast, African countries are in the process of development, one must pay attention and give equal treatment to the representation of the guest country, while respect and appreciate the host country

The visual aspect that has dealt with the past in representing the state and functioning as its business card, will now be a combination of cultures while creating a new, mixed third language

(Czech Cubism - Cutting the plane or material into several planes was a Revolutionary idea to art and architecture, folding the facade has given a new configuration of expression, it has imparted a new character to the structure, playing in light and shade and new interesting space formations)

(The Ethiopian meal - presents the purest cultural character of the Ethiopian people. seated around one plate consist of a variety of flavors and textures, the movement of the body that adjusts toward the center of the plate and the movement of the shrinking hand

The plate consists of a variety of different raw materials, each of one can stand alone but the combination of all the elements creates the true harmony in the plate and among the people)

Both artifacts express the culture and history of the two states to a great extent. There is a great similarity between the two - a clear reading of the shape, the cut parts and finally the union of the parts together into one bite or into a three-dimensional shape

Popis projektu

The project deals with the creation of a third language created by the cutting of various geometrical shapes and their connection to a complete and harmonious form.

The volume of the structure was cut from the ground with the help of a grid created with the support of the main axes in the area, the shape of the area itself and prominent structures in the area.

The grid is also present on the rift, pedestrian paths, roads, and a comprehensive wall, As a construction structure and also contains the horizontal transitions in the structure.

The building makes room on the ground "hovering in its part" mainly to give space to a municipal park adjacent to the embassy granted as a tribute to the host city.

Each volume is defined as a different texture, taste, and function.
The connection between them creates harmony and wholeness.

Technické informace

6 volumes are different in their purpose and are held in steel construction


Elad Mor

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