Rising Oasis

Nikola Erić, Nemanja Ćaćić
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia

Idea projektu

Idea was to create timeless object who would be open to the nature.
Shaping it round, we accomplished our goal of timelessness, allowing nature to be inside and on the roof we gave life inside space.

Popis projektu

From start we wanted to have round form that would be open from inside and timeless from outside. We wanted to have ramp roof that would have nature on it and allow people to walk on it. To try and blend it all with environment while implementing Czech architecture to be monumentally.
Hardest part was to incorporate all the functions together inside round form while not disturbing its form and design. Also to have a ramp roof gave us a lot of dead space which was not easy to overcome.

Technické informace

Situation - scale 1:1000
Floor plans - scale 1:200
Four side elevations - scale 1:200
Two sections - scale 1:200

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